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Genealogy research, if performed correctly, requires a lot of time and detailed, ethical research. 


They Live Again wants to recognize those individuals who have worked not only to preserve their family history but also for spending the additional time and effort to create a web page to share and assist others with their research.  


The purpose of the Genealogy Excellence Award is to acknowledge genealogy sites that combine verified, ethical research information within an Internet format that can be easily understood and shared with other researchers. 


Sharing of personal information for living persons can lead to identity theft. Even if family members want this information published They Live Again will not endorse the idea and no award will be presented.  Please refer to the National Genealogical Society's Standards For Sharing Information With Others.


If you protect the rights of the living then also apply for your site to be GenETHICS Certified.


If any of the following are evident you can not receive a Genealogy Excellence award:


Adult sites, nudity, pornography or violence.

The site must be related to genealogy.

Stealing bandwidth.

You must be at least 13 years old.  See the COPPA requirements.

Causing the evaluator's computer to freeze or crash. 

The site can not be evaluated unless English is used.

Pop-ups that are not directly related to your site.

Forced newsletters, forced guest books, password entry requirement.

No method of the viewer to contact you. 

An excessive amount of time to load. 

Violation of copyright laws.  Crediting graphics & music is required. See U. S. Copyright regulations.


If your browser does not support forms then send an email with the same information.

E-Mail address:
Your Name:
Site's Name:
Site's URL:
Over Age 13?:

Description of your site:


Once you complete the application form you'll be taken to a confirmation page to review the information you've sent.


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