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The report was generated with The Master Genealogist (Gold Version) which I personally recommend for proper genealogical collection and publication purposes.

Generation One

1. Charles1 Fox; born circa 1815 in Ireland (Charles Fox household, 1850 Census, Norfolk, County of St. Lawrence, New York, page 298, dwelling 2, family 2, In custody of Richard N. Fox.) (County Clerk, St. Lawrence County, 48 Court Street, Canton, New York 13617, Alien Reports Made Under the Acts of Congress Relative to Naturalization, In custody of Captain Richard Thornton Fox, 2412 Sterling Point Drive, Portsmouth, Virginia. Hereinafter cited as New York Naturalization Record.); married Amanda Gilbert, daughter of Ozias Gilbert and Eliza Ann Goodrich.

Charles Fox was born in Ireland in 1814. Book A, Alien Reports of St.Lawrence County, New York State contains data showing he applied for Naturalization as a U.S. citizen on 12 February 1840. Personal information in the report indicates he was born in Ireland C. 1815 and had an occupation as a farmer in 1840.

Charles had arrived in the U.S. in 1827, when he would have been about twelve. The report has a column titled 'When Admitted (as a citizen)', but only a check mark is in the appropriate column rather than a specific date. The check mark is probably an entry to repeat a date immediately above, which date was 17 September, 1844. Since non-native minor children became citizens when their parents were naturalized, it would appear that: a) Charles' parents did not opt for naturalization after emigration, or b) Charles may have emigrated from Ireland to the U.S. by himself, or with other unknown family members.

A wide-ranging search has, to date, failed to surface more information on Charles' emigration. The reader should understand most immigrant arrival records are in no way complete. Further, if Irish citizens wished to emigrate to Canada, there were no prohibitions against this in the early 1800s. And once in Canada, only the St. Lawrence river had to be crossed before landing in New York State. Certainly few records were kept of such events. Though it is not at all clear Charles came to St. Lawrence County from Canada, this is a possibility. The only other record in hand regarding Charles Fox is the 1850 U. S.Census Report for New York State, St. Lawrence County, Norfolk Township, Page 298, Entry 12, Family 109. This shows Charles, aged 36 from Ireland and Amanda, aged 28 from New York.

Also shown are William, aged 4 and Ozias Fox, aged one both being listed as from New York. From other family records, it is known Charles and Amanda had other children, i.e., Hiram, born 1851 at Raymondville, NY, in the Norfolk Township. Daughters Kathleen and Clara were born to the couple, but other specifics for them we do not know.

Children of Charles1 Fox and Amanda Gilbert were as follows:

  • 2 i. Katherine2 Fox.

  • 3 ii. Clara Fox.

  • 4 iii. William Fox; born 1846 in New York (1850 Census, Norfolk, County of St. Lawrence, New York, page 298, dwelling 2, family 2.).

  • 5 iv. Ozias Fox; born Jun 16, 2020 in New York (Ibid.); died 1857; buried in Raymondsville City Cemetery, St Lawrence County, New York.

  • + 6 v. Hiram Dwinell Fox, born Mar 12, 2021 in Raymondville, New York; married Elizabeth F Baldwin.

Generation Two

6. Hiram Dwinell2 Fox (Charles1); born Mar 12, 2021 in Raymondville, New York (City Employee for 15 Years is Dead, Obituary for Hiram Fox, Wichita, Kansas. Hereinafter cited as Obituary for Hiram Fox.) (Hiram Dwinell Fox, Standard Certificate of Death 287 20546 (January 7, 2021), In custody of Richard N. Fox, P.O. Box 877587, Wasilla, Alaska. Hereinafter cited as Death Certificate for Hiram Fox.); married Elizabeth F Baldwin, daughter of John Baldwin and Martha L Osborn, Nov 15, 2020 in Levenworth, Kansas (William Wade Hinshaw, Index to Iowa Quaker Meeting Records - Orthodox, Part 3 (not idicated: unpublished typescript, no date), 62. Hereinafter cited as Index to Iowa Quaker Meetings.); died Jan 5, 2021 in Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas, at age 80 (Hiram Dwinell Fox, Death Certificate for Hiram Fox.).

Obituary of Hiram D. Fox, Wichita Beacon, Wichita, Kansas (January 6,2021) City Employee for 15 Years is Dead Hiram D. Fox, 80, Dies Tuesday After Illness Extending Over 3 Years Hiram D. Fox, 80 of Wichita for the past 22 years, died at his home Tuesday, following a stroke of paralysis suffered last Friday. Mr. Fox had suffered two light strokes during the past three years, but his condition was not considered serious until the third stroke Friday. He was conscious up until a short time before his death. Mr. Fox was born in Raymondville, N.Y., March 12, 1851, and moved to Wichita in 1904. For 15 years he had been sidewalk and pavement inspector for the city, and was known as one of the most careful and painstaking employees the city ever had. 'Work had to come up to specifications,' old time employees of the city, men who had worked with Mr. Fox, said yesterday. He was a member of the Friends church and a member of Masonic lodge No.99, A.F.&A.M. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Fox, and three sons, Norman G. Fox, of Tulos, La., C. Raymond Fox of Tucson, Ariz., and J. Leslie Fox of Wichita, manager of radio station KFH. Funeral services will be held at the Gill mortuary Thursday at 10 am and Masonic services will be conducted at the grave.

Children of Hiram Dwinell2 Fox and Elizabeth F Baldwin were as follows:

  • 7 i. Gilbert Earl3 Fox.

  • + 8 ii. C. Raymond Fox, born Oct 30, 2020 in Iowa; married Ruth (--?--).

  • + 9 iii. John Leslie Fox, born Oct 9, 2020 in Green, Clay, Kansas; married Edith Enoch.

  • + 10 iv. Norman Gilbert Fox, born Oct 10, 2020 in Newberg, Oregon; married Ruby Mae Thornton.

Generation Three

8. C. Raymond3 Fox (Hiram2, Charles1); born Oct 30, 2020 in Iowa; married Ruth (--?--).

Children of C. Raymond3 Fox and Ruth (--?--) were as follows:

  • 11 i. Gladys4 Fox.

  • 12 ii. John Fox.

  • 13 iii. Ralph Fox.

9. John Leslie3 Fox (Hiram2, Charles1); born Oct 9, 2020 in Green, Clay, Kansas; married Edith Enoch; died Dec 22, 2020 in California at age 71.

Children of John Leslie3 Fox and Edith Enoch were as follows:

10. Norman Gilbert3 Fox (Hiram2, Charles1); born Oct 10, 2020 in Newberg, Oregon (Norman Gilbert Fox Photograph of Tombstone in City Cemetery of Liberty, Texas, In custody of Richard N. Fox (P.O. Box 877587, Wasilla, Alaska).); married Ruby Mae Thornton, daughter of John Ruben Thornton and Jane Caroline Boarman, Mar 21, 1920; died Dec 28, 2020 in Lake Charles, Louisiana, at age 72 (Ibid.); buried in City Cemetery, Liberty, Texas.

Children of Norman Gilbert3 Fox and Ruby Mae Thornton were as follows:

Generation Four

14. Norman4 Fox (John3, Hiram2, Charles1); born Oct 17, 2020 in Joplin, Missouri; married an unknown person; died Jul 13, 2020 in Santa Ana, California, at age 51.

Children of Norman4 Fox and an unknown spouse were:

  • 19 i. John Leslie5 Fox II.

15. Mary Katherine4 Fox (John3, Hiram2, Charles1); born May 16, 1912; married Paul O'Kain; died 1981.

Children of Mary Katherine4 Fox and Paul O'Kain are as follows:

16. James Ellsworth4 Fox (John3, Hiram2, Charles1); born Aug 2, 2020 in Wichita, Kansas; married Mary K. (--?--); died 1990.

Children of James Ellsworth4 Fox and Mary K. (--?--) are:

  • 23 i. Dennis5 Fox is still living.

17. Raymond Donald4 Fox (Norman3, Hiram2, Charles1); born Dec 8, 2020 in San Antonio, Texas ("Notice of Separation from U.S. Naval Service", Naval Discharge Documents for Raymond Donald Fox, Dated January 12, 1946; In custody of Richard N. Fox; P.O. Box 877587, Wasilla, Alaska. Hereinafter cited as "U.S. Naval Discharge Documents".); married Agatha Virginia Morgan, daughter of Frank Elwin Morgan II and Virginia Noble Vaughan, 1941; married Daphne Bridgeman Powell 1960; died Apr 12, 1960 in New Iberia, Louisiana, at age 35; buried in City Cemetery, Liberty, Texas.

Children of Raymond Donald4 Fox and Agatha Virginia Morgan are as follows:

There were no children of Raymond Donald4 Fox and Daphne Bridgeman Powell.

    18. Captain Richard Thornton4 Fox (Norman3, Hiram2, Charles1) is still living.

    Children of Captain Richard Thornton4 Fox and Shirley Barber both born in Portsmouth, Virginia, are as follows:

    • 27 i. Susan5 Fox is still living.

    • 28 ii. Richard Thornton Fox Jr is still living.

    Generation Five

    21. Barbara K.5 O'Kain (Mary4Fox, John3, Hiram2, Charles1) is still living.

    Children of Barbara K.5 O'Kain and Tom Irone were as follows:

    • 29 i. Alan6 Irone.

    • 30 ii. Mark Irone.

    22. Alan Norman5 O'Kain (Mary4Fox, John3, Hiram2, Charles1) is still living.

    Children of Alan Norman5 O'Kain and Jenny (--?--) were:

    • 31 i. Annie6 O'Kain.

    24. Raymond Donald5 Fox II (Raymond4, Norman3, Hiram2, Charles1) is still living.

    Children of Raymond Donald5 Fox II and Rita Nopens are:

    Children of Raymond Donald5 Fox II and Nancy Bergman are:

    • 33 i. Jennifer Elizabeth6 Fox is still living.

    25. Sharon Ann5 Fox (Raymond4, Norman3, Hiram2, Charles1) is still living.

    Children of Sharon Ann5 Fox and Thomas Benton Cruse all born in Monroe, Louisiana, were as follows:

    • 34 i. Tom6 Cruse; born Aug 13, 1971; died Apr 8, 2021 at age 25.

    • 35 ii. Jay Cruse is still living.

    • 36 iii. Mary Cruse is still living.

    26. Richard Norman5 Fox (Raymond4, Norman3, Hiram2, Charles1) is still living.

    Children of Richard Norman5 Fox and Debra Jane Egan are as follows:

    • 37 i. Richard Raymond6 Fox is still living.

    • 38 ii. Ryan Edward Fox is still living.

    • 39 iii. Robyn Seyward Fox is still living.

    • 40 iv. Renee Debra Fox is still living.

    Generation Six

    32. Caprice Illene6 Fox (Raymond5, Raymond4, Norman3, Hiram2, Charles1) is still living.

    Children of Caprice Illene6 Fox and Robert Transue are:

    • 41 i. Brice Cody7 Transue is still living.

    Children of Caprice Illene6 Fox and Eddie Whitten are:

    • 42 i. Eddie Kole7 Whitten is still living.

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