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Congratulations Richard! 


Your site has been selected as a recipient of a "Hidden Pearls - Gems of the Internet" Award.


This award honors excellence in design, graphic elements and content. Your site, They Live Again, is a fabulous resource for anyone interested in climbing their family tree. The layout and graphics beautifully enhance the content. 


The Hidden Pearls Awards Team


A Scoff an' Scuff Award


Hi Richard, 


We have spent an enjoyable evening reviewing your site and are pleased to offer you our silver award with 85/100 points. 

Gary and Debbie

Hello Richard Fox, today I'd like to congratulate you to the Asder-Award in Bronze for your Homepage.


After a comprehensive check I'd like to honor your detailed works with the Asder-Award in Bronze. Your Homepage "THEY LIVE AGAIN" is a huge work in ancestors research and an very important part of the Internet. Except for little errors with Netscape Navigator (winning Awards-Table), technical, your site is made very outstanding and for the visitor it's easy to navigate. I wish you lots of visitors and awards for your Homepage.



Webmaster ASDER - Germany, the 2001 Apr 20th


Thank you for visiting my site and applying for an award. I visited your site today and think you have done a great job. 


Therefore, it gives me great pleasure in presenting you with the Award of Excellence Silver. If you choose to accept this award please link it to Krista's Korner. 


Please let me know when you have the award set up and I will put you on my winners page with your site description. 


Have a great day! 


Richard Fox, 


Congratulations! "They Live Again," has been chosen to  receive "The 'Oh' Award." 


Your site has a very clean design & was simple to navigate. I only wish there was a geneaology site so thorough dedicated to my own family lineages. 


Keep up the good work! Attached is your award. Please link it back to Lauren's Homepage.  Your site has been added to the list of winner's at April Winners 1.2. 


Thanks for applying, 


Hello Richard, 


Congratulations!!! Your site has taken on an entirely new look and I must say with all that you have changed and added, it is well deserving of an upgrade to my Silver award without question. Please continue to share your special gift the way that you do! 

Sincerely: Doug




Your site has been chosen by our Creative Team to receive our most prestigious award - the Shandygaff Golden Keg Award for website design excellence! 


We were impressed with the work you put into your site and the great use of graphics! While visiting your site, we found it to be well organized with interesting and informative content. It's obvious that you've worked very hard on this website.  A job well done!! 


Rob Radz
Shandygaff Creative Team


Hi Richard!


Sorry for the late reply. My network has been down for a while. But, some things are worth waiting for ;-) Congratulations on making a wonderful site that I truly believe will make many of your visitors happy! It is clear that you have put a lot of hard work in both design as the great content! I present you with the Liver Lover Award of Silver (rated 3.0 by Focus and 4 stars by Paris Excellence). Once again, congratulations! 


Tobias Strandh, Liver Lovers 



Thank you for your interest in my awards! I have viewed your site and it is with great pleasure that I present to you my "Family Award"!  Your hard work and love shows on every page and you are certainly deserving of this award. 



Congratulations!!! Your site has been chosen as a winner of the Kokopelli Award in silver, according to points you scored. This award is not automatic. All pages are reviewed in depth.  We were impressed by the hard work you put into your site. Your design is much better and professional! A great site! Thank you for applying for the award and sharing your site with us. We enjoyed our visit.


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