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Level 3.5 4

Best of the Web Award




I want to congratulate you of receiving Kjelles Award. I thought that your site was great. Keep up the great work. 


I will add your site to the winners list. 


Carlsson Homepage has been rated 3.5 by www.awardsites.com


Take care! 
Best regards 
Kjell Carlsson

Welsh Terrier Xmas Award Bronze


Hallo Richard, 


After evaluating your website we are pleased to inform you that your website has won the Welsh Terrier Xmas Award Bronze No 10.


Your website has a very clean, overall pleasing design and color scheme. It is full of interesting content. Your navigation is clear-cut and easy to follow. We are fully aware of the time and effort that goes into creation of such a nice website.


So all in all our compliments to a job well done. Thanks for applying for our award and the opportunity to review your site. 


The name of your site, a screenshot, a site description and a link to it are now listed on our winners page. 


Our sincerest regards 

Xmas & Ulli Name : Ulrich Pokorra 
Phone : +49 209 3186280


Talking Hands Award


The following citation applies to your site:


Citation: Our singular purpose is to reward  website authors, who through their creative excellence provide a web site which teaches, contains teaching elements in sufficient detail, and otherwise leave a visitor with something of significant value after returning to their normal daily activities. A link to our home page would be appreciated, but certainly is not required to receive our award. 


Denny Lancaster 
Talking Hand Award

1 Simple Guide's Bronze Award


Congratulations! Your site "They Live Again" has been reviewed by all our judges & scored 75/120 points. Your site has met the award requirements & we are proud to reward you with our 1 Simple Guide's Bronze Site Award!


Dear Richard, 


I've reviewed your site and enjoyed it immensely. There's a wealth of information and your presentation of it is superb. 


Attached please find Logic's Webmaster Gold award. Please acknowledge it's receipt and location within 7 days of this note and I will add it to my Winner's Page. 




Internet Excellence Award


Hi Richard 


I really love your web site! 


The professional design and layout, and easy navigation around your site, are great! Your site is a prime example of what the Internet Excellence Award is all about. 


Please accept my award for your web site. 


Please let me know when you have the award posted and I will put a link to your site on my recipients page. 


Thank you,
Jim Whalen

Pharaoh Gold Award


After thoroughly reviewing your website, the Pharaoh Awards evaluation team has made a decision to honor you with one of our awards.


And on behalf of the team, it is with great pleasure that I present you the Pharaoh Gold Serial no: theyliveagain_gold_pa3

Web Other  score - 97/103


Your website will also be listed in the winners directory.  Thank you for your interest in our awards program and congratulations for a job well done. 


Best Regards, 
Limuel Swanson 
Pharaoh Awards Ratings: 


The Soft Gem Award


Hello Richard 


Thank you for allowing me to evaluate your site 'They Live Again'......Following the evaluation I am pleased to inform you that your site has achieved the 2 Star "Soft Gem Award". 


The "2 Star Award" is given to those sites achieving a score of 85-92. This Award represents a very high standard in design and content. 



Paul Gallagher 
Awards Manager



Dear Richard, 


I am very pleased to announce you that your website has been awarded "The High in The Sky Award", Gold Seal. 


Your site, for the nature of its content and for the quality of the design and implementation, presents an undeniable excellence that puts it well above the remaining ones, making it worthy of being publicly designated as an example to be followed and as a true knowledge and information source. 


Our best regards and, once again, congratulations on such an excellent site! 

Bronze Gemini Award

Hello Richard, 


Thank you for submitting your site to The Gemini Awards. I enjoyed visiting your site and I am delighted to present you with the Bronze Gemini Award.  Congratulations and I wish your site continued success in the future. 


Best wishes, 
The Gemini Awards @ Jalouda's World


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