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Level 4.5



Hi and Congratulations! 


I am pleased to announce that your submission for my "Believe 2 Achieve Webmaster Award of Excellence" has been approved. Your site was reviewed against the criteria and you have won the Webmaster Silver Award!! Job well done! :o) 


Award has been sent as an attachment to this message. 

Ray "TinyRay" Grier

Groundzero Design Award


Hi Richard, 


Congratulations, your website has won the Groundzero Design Award! 

Once again congratulations, it is my job to highlight the best sites on the Internet and clearly your site is one of those. 


Keep up the good work! 

Rik :-)

Future AntiquitiesBronze Award




Congratulations!  Your website, "They Live Again," has qualified for a Future Antiquities Bronze award.  I greatly enjoyed this evaluation.


It's obvious that you've put a lot of hard work into this site.  Having watched my mother in her genealogy search I know just how much work this can be.  To see it organized so well in a website is wonderful.  I was also intrigued by the ethics program you are running - a wonderful idea!


Kimmy Cole, Owner
Future Antiquities Website Awards
Award Sites! 4.5 - UWSAG 5 - APEX


Beacon Award - Gold


We meet again.  Your web site, "They Live Again," has qualified for an update from the old Beacon Award for Outstanding Web Sites to the current Beacon Award Gold.

Your site has a profound amount of information for anyone interested in
genealogy.  And your ethics program is an excellent idea.  This continues to
be one of the very best on the web for those researching their family
history.  Well done!

Your award is enclosed, which you may display if you wish.  Feel free to make the graphic smaller, if that works better for your site.  A link back to my site ( is appreciated, but not necessary.

Congratulations--again--on an outstanding web site.


We are pleased to inform you that you have won the Jetzone 2 Star Silver Award for your work. Attached to this email is your personalized award graphic. If you accept the award, please use it according the regulations and guidelines mentioned in the Jetzone Award Program.

Kind Regards,
Andries van Straten


They Live Again wins our award for it's stylish presentation and superior content. You have created a resource of quality that is a benefit to the internet.

THE 2003 ACA Approved Seal is not easy to win and should be considered an 'Honor of Distinction', congratulations!!

Keep up the good work!!
Patrisha Renz



Hi Richard,


Congratulations! "They Live Again" is a fine site! Lots of useful information presented in a "no-nonsense" format! Minimal graphic usage only serves to point the visitor's attention where it belongs... your text content! Well done!

Good job on a site which is a genuine asset to the internet community.

HomeGrown Award of Excellence


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