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If you are applying for an Award Upgrade please state "Award Upgrade Request" in the Description section below.  You will also need to complete the rest of the application form.

Thanks for your application!  Good luck and good genealogy to you!

E-Mail address:
Your Name:
Site's Name:
Site's URL:

The "Brooms Man" and other clip art is courtesy of and used with permission by J.O.D.'s Old  Fashioned B&W Clip Art Collection.

The same surname can only be used once.  Please separate surnames with commas.
List 3 generations surnames:
List 5 generations surnames:
List 10 generations surnames:
Have you checked your site for bad links?

Description of your site (to be used in the Winner Description):


Before submitting:  Please ensure you have read all the General Criteria and Scoring Basis first and you meet the published requirements.  Don't forget to check for bad links!

Confirmation: Immediately upon submitting your application you will be automatically provided a  Confirmation Page that shows what was submitted.  If an error was made please resubmit.

Due to the increasing number of applications only winners will be notified.

Notification:  Winners are notified by e-mail and required to display the award and provide a link back to They Live Again for the award they have received.  

All winning sites are posted on the Award Winners page once confirmation of the posting has taken place.

If an error with the form occurs please use my E-Mail address and supply the same information as above. 


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