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Genealogy Excellence Merit Award  2001 Genealogy Excellence Bronze Award   2001 Genealogy Excellence Silver Award   2001 Genealogy Excellence Gold Award   2001

81 - 87 Points

88 - 99 Points

100 - 109 Points

110+ Points

All actual awards are 167 x 126 and are less than 10k bytes.  
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Maximum Points

Each surname containing at least 3 generations each.

2 each


Each surname containing at least 5 generations each.

4 each

Each surname containing 10 or more generations.

6 each

Are links for surnames on your site present?


Are GEDCOMS available from your site?


Is documentation of genealogical information present?


Not publishing data for living persons.


Is the site easy to navigate, with quick access to the home page?


Is spelling and grammar correct?


Do all pages must have a uniform look?


Evaluator Discretionary Score

0 - 25

Maximum Possible





"Under construction" signs or any unfinished page


If the site has music and there is no way to turn it off


Needless distractions on the site


Excessive advertising on the site


Only using International Genealogical Index


Family information used that consists of too many external links


OK, so you know you meet the General Criteria and have enough points - let's check!


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