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If any of these are evident you can not receive an award:

Adult sites, nudity, pornography or violence.

The site must be related to genealogy.

Stealing bandwidth. Please see the article on Bandwidth Stealing by Maestro Awards.

You must be at least 13 years old.  See the COPPA requirements.

Causing an evaluator's computer to freeze or crash.

If more than 5% of all internal or external links do not work. This will be verified!

The site can not be evaluated unless English is used.

Pop-ups that are not directly related to your site.

Forced newsletters, forced guest books, password entry requirement.

No method of the viewer to contacting you.

An excessive amount of time to load.

Violation of copyright laws.  Crediting graphics & music is required. See U. S. Copyright regulations.

The "Brooms Man" and other clip art is courtesy of and used with permission by J.O.D.'s Old  Fashioned B&W Clip Art Collection.They Live Again verifies links to award winners from time to time.  During this process if it is discovered that objectionable material has been added to a winning site that site will be contacted and asked to remove such material.  Failure to do so will result in removing the site from the Winners List.


Meet the General Criteria?  Then let's proceed to the Scoring Basis section. 


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