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All sites submitted will be visited.  

Judging will be by the following panel of Evaluators of They Live Again.  

Evaluators submit their scores without knowing what the other evaluators submit.  Scores are then averaged for final rating and award determination.

Only winning sites will be notified and notification will not exceed 4 weeks maximum from the time an application is received.

The "Brooms Man" and other clip art is courtesy of and used with permission by J.O.D.'s Old  Fashioned B&W Clip Art Collection.


Panel of Evaluators for They Live Again

My evaluators made me put my photo here...
Richard Fox
United States

Webmaster for They Live Again
Occupation: Quality Assurance & Safety Executive
Email:  foxes@gci.net
Internet Genealogy Experience:  Webmaster and owner of They Live Again.  Over 10 years of genealogy research and 2 years of web experience.

Visit the Barlow Clearinghouse
Susan Barlow Holmes
United States

Occupation: Retired
Site Name: The Barlow Clearinghouse
Email: sbarlowholmes@prodigy.net 
Internet Genealogy Experience:  4 years webmistress and owner of the Barlow Surname Database at Rootsweb (Currently 2600 pages online; Site of the year for 1999 at Ancestral Connections and featured in Lightstudies Educational Web as one of the top sites for a surname on the world wide web).


Richard Carl "Rick"
Carolyn Cunningham
United States

Occupation: Rick is Retired, BA Information Systems and Carolyn is a Former Executive with a Sign Company
Internet Genealogy Experience:  Co-owner with Carolyn Cunningham of CPRoots.com founded in 1999.  Rick and Carolyn have 12 years genealogy research
experience.  CPRoots.com has been named Site of the Day and one of the 101 Best Family History Web sites in the August 2001 issue of Family Tree Magazine making it a recognized leader in surname exchange, family histories and forum resources.  Rick handles Web Site Construction, Networking and Management while Carolyn supervises Data Management, Charts and Page Design of the site.  Both are also involved in websites for commercial use. 


Allan Saw

Occupation:  Credit Controller
Site Name:  Saw Family Tree
Email:  ajsaw@sawpit.net
Internet Genealogy Experience:  Owner of the Saw Family Tree site awards for 2 years.  Web page design for 5 years and genealogy for 4 years.

Now to meet the winners of Genealogy Excellence Awards!


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