Genealogy research, if performed correctly takes a lot of time and detailed work. They Live Again wants to recognize those individuals who have worked hard to to preserve their family history. Additionally, They Live Again awards wants to acknowledge and recognize those who have also spent the additional time and effort to create a web page to share and assist others. 

However, too often the easy way is to simply cut and paste what others claim without researching to confirm the information. Then others use this information and the cycle continues. 

Genealogy requires verification of sources to prevent this. Additionally, how that information is made available is important also. Graphic appearance of a genealogy site is not as important as the content of the information made available. 

Quality information can be ruined by a web page that is confusing, takes too long or simply frustrates the viewer.  Thus the purpose of the Genealogy Awards is to acknowledge genealogy sites that produce researched information that can be easily understood and shared with other researchers.

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