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Genealogy Excellence Gold Award   2001

This self-test checklist is to assist you in preparing to apply.

By using it honestly you increase the probability of receiving an award.  Ready?  Lets go...  


Description Meet Oops  
Your website must not contain any adult only related material, pornography nor violence to any creature (including humans).    
The site must be related to genealogy.    
No stealing bandwidth. Please see the article on Bandwidth Stealing by Maestro Awards.    
You must be at least 13 years old.    
Causing crashes of an evaluator's computer.  Test your new pages first!    
No more than 5% of all internal or external links do not work. This will be verified!  Be sure to run a link checker before submitting your application!!    
The site can not be evaluated unless English is used.    
Pop-ups that are not directly related to your site.  If your server requires one for advertising there will be no penalty.    
No forced newsletters, forced guest books, password entry requirement.    
There is a method of the viewer contacting you?    
No excessive amount of time to load.    
Violation of copyright laws. Crediting graphics & music is required.  Don't steal!    
Surnames  Only use a surname once when filling out your application.   This is where you score huge points!! Help the Evaluator and list only those surnames you are using for point purposes!  
GEDCOM  If you have a GEDCOM then put a link to it on your site and grab 5 points.  
Use Family Links  Have you found other web sites out there related to the surnames you list in your application?  If so, score 5 points by putting links to those sites.  
Document, document, document!  This is where you impress the Evaluators big time!  Show where you got your genealogical information.  Give those contributor's name (after you have their permission).  
Uncluttered Counts  It's your site, but....a sure way to lose points is to have all those snazzy flashing icons, dancing people, running cats and dogs, things that chase the mouse around and all that eye wash stuff.  It adds nothing to a genealogy site except...well, nothing.  
"Under Construction"?  A web page is always under construction!  Publishing pages that aren't finished frustrates viewers (and Evaluators too) and will cost you major points.
Music?  OK, some sites have wonderful music and is appropriate.  But not everyone wants to listen while they review your family data.  If you have music be sure you give the viewer a method of cutting it off.  Losing these large points for this area could cost you a Genealogy Excellence Award...and we want you to receive one.

GEDCOMS = GEDCOM, PAF, Roots or other methods of electronically transmitting the entire or portions of a genealogical database.

Surname Researched = Specific surnames are posted and capable of being followed on the site.  Credit is given for Rootsweb based databases IF you maintain the database.

Documentation Sources = Means of identifying the source information.  Method should be either of: "Cite Your Sources" by Richard Lackey or "Evidence!: Citation & Analysis for the Family Historian" by Elizabeth Shown Mills.

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