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Genealogical Content     Since this is a genealogy award the majority of the score is related to the degree of research and documentation you have produced as well as in providing assistance to viewers of your site.

  • Surnames - A maximum of 50 points may be earned. You will be asked to supply surnames to establish Surname Points (these will be verified by the Evaluators).

  • Surname Links - Are links for surnames researched on your site highlighted? This allows researchers of the surname to locate other related sites. 

  • GEDCOMS - Are GEDCOMS available to be immediately used from your site? Thus viewers can immediately download the genealogy in your database(s). 

  • Documentation - Is documentation of genealogical information present for the majority of surnames highlighted on the site? Without documentation information may just be stories or repeated incorrect information that others pass along. 

Genealogical Ethics     Sharing of personal information for living persons can lead to identity theft and, if published without their permission, may lead to legal problems for you. Even if family members want this published They Live Again will not endorse the idea and major points will be lost if this is noted during the evaluation process. Please refer to the National Genealogical Society's Standards For Sharing Information With Others.

Navigation & Style     Distractions and not being able to easily get around a site can cause a viewer to pass over all the hard genealogical work you've done and will cost points during the award evaluation.

Evaluator's Discretionary Score     This score takes into consideration originality, attention to detail, overall impression of the site and general opinion of the site being reviewed. Make your site shine and earn those extra points!! For some good ideas on site design please see Nem5's Design Concept tutorial.  

Deduction Points     Points will be subtracted if any of the listed items are present.


Let's see what the awards look like and how the points are determined.


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