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The Riordan Family Home Page  This site has over 300 pages with a search engine.  If you are a Riordan this is the place to go.

Genealogy of Rosemarie J. Schultz  A great site with plenty of ancestral charts.  A great testament to her family.

Our Ancestors of South Hampton Roads  This new site has great potential!  Outstanding obituaries and Annamarie has just begun.

The Chaston Pages  A nice site with some good church information.

Debbie's Genealogy  Another nice site with plenty of photos.  One line claims 14 generations.

Haskell Family Homepage  This site was started in 1999, when my daughter Victoria Elizabeth Haskell was born. It traces all of her ancestors, with a focus on the Haskell line, but also including Savage, Pinkham, Budge, Glidden, Otis and many other surnames. It presents more than just dates and places with pages that try to give an idea of the life and times of the ancestors.

Julie's Genealogy  26+ years of family research - from England and Scotland to Australia and the USA. Outline trees, photo albums, wills, newspaper articles-over 2,600 individuals in database. SEFTON, KIMES, ASH and WALTON are the four main branches of our tree with countless smaller branches, twigs and leaves included. Research continues-inquiries welcome! If we don't ask, we'll never know; and if we don't record what we do know, our descendants will wish we had!

DePaola Cianciarulo - Tracing the Family's Footsteps  Site provides a family's timeline, family tree and articles on the Immigrant Experience.

Doll's Genealogy Site - Genealogy research with focus on Macon County AL includes 1900 surname census transcription, death records index, obituaries, cemetery transcription, wills of slave owners and links to other genealogy sites of interest.



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