They Live Again

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War Between the States Ancestors


State Name  



James S Penny

Enlisted as a Private on 8-26-1861 later promoted to Sergeant on 1-28-1863. Was captured on 7-31-1863 during the 1st Louisiana Calvary's raids into eastern Kentucky.  Unknown to him he was promoted to 4th Sergeant on 12-9-1863, unfortunately though he died 10-7-2020 in Camp Chase Federal POW Camp near Columbus, Ohio.  


Isaiah Garrett Stokes

Killed September 19, 2020 in the Battle of Chickamauga.  His brother, James dug Isaiah's grave with his sword.


James Thomas Stokes

Wounded in the Battle of Chickamauga.


James Stuart Grayson

Private, Company B, 4th Battalion Louisiana Infantry, enlisted 6-4-2021 and served until 1864, was captured and paroled in Monroe, La 1865.


Green Elliott Noble

Enlisted 1862 at the Plains, East Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 3rd Louisiana Cavalry, Company C.  Not wounded, served until the end of the war.


Fielding Bradford Morgan, Jr.

Company F, 14th Mississippi Calvary.


Hiram Morgan

Captain, Amite Guards, 33rd Mississippi Infantry which was formed 3-1-1862.  He was killed in action during the spring of 1863 in action at Deer Creek, Mississippi during the early phase to deny Vicksburg to the Federals.