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  • Always protect your genealogical research notes by storing backup data away from home.  Imagine years of work vanished due to a fire, theft or other source. 



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Will of Major Boarman 1708

Will of William Boarman 1720

Will of William Baldwin 1720

Will of Derrick Volkerson 1752

Will of Joseph Collins 1757

Will of Thomas Boarman 1784

Will of James Thornton 1789

Will of John Noble 1809

Will of George Gayden 1819

Will of Daniel Thornton 1829

Will of William Morgan 1830

Will of James Penny 1834

Will of Elizabeth Morgan 1852



The Ancestors & Descendants of Albert Penny   This large entry represents years of research covering many surnames including Penny, Gayden, Skolfield, etc.  Reprinted & used with permission by Penny Daigre Midboe.


1929 Birthday Note from Mittie Penny to Zula Penny


Letter Describing the Penny Coat of Arms


Old Penny History Written in 1949




1893 Letter from Frank Morgan, Sr.


Louisiana Morgan Family Narrative


Louisiana Morgan Family Chart Page 1     Page 2     Chart


Marriage Bond Wiley Morgan & Margaret Wilson (1831) Provided by Mary Pallon


Noble & Faulk

Louisiana Noble Family Narrative Page 1   Page 2 Written by Frank E. Morgan, Jr


Noble, Grayson Pedigree Chart  This fantastic 7 page chart was drawn by my Great Granduncle, Charles M. Noble in 1935 and later revised.  It details many of the individuals described on this site.  Courtesy of Faye Waldrop Johnston and the link is used with permission of the Grayson Surname Resource Center.


Obituary of Agatha Faulk Noble  Courtesy & Used with Permission of Karen Everrett


Image of 1850 Louisiana Census Showing Leonard Noble Family


Image of 1850 Louisiana Census Showing Fleming Noble Family


Image of 1850 Louisiana Census Showing Eli Noble Family


Descendancy of Mark Noble by Sherry (Westbrook) Sanford (Large File)





1850 Louisiana Census Image Showing Skillman Family



Obituary of Hiram D. Fox


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