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Revolutionary War





James Penny
(DAR 185029)

As a lad of 14 he saw service in Captain James Morrison's Company of 3rd Battalion of Militia of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  He also appears as a private in the 6th Battalion with Colonel James Taylor in command.


Elam Gilbert

Brookfield, MA. Enlisted April 10, 1782; Private, Capt. Ebenezer Smith's (7th) co., Col. Michael Jackson's (8th) regt.; muster roll for April, 1783; balance of term of enlistment unexpired, 23 months, 10 days.


Edward Boarman

In 1778 he subscribed to the Oath of Allegiance before Judge Joshua Sanders (Blue Book 872).  He was named as a sergeant in the militia company of Captain Alexander McPherson of Charles County and on 6/19/1781 he was commissioned an Ensign (Maryland Archives 45:280).  


War of 1812



Military Unit



John Tillman Faulk

Declouet's Regiment, Louisiana Militia  

Their unit was marched below New Orleans near English Turn on the Mississippi River in October and remained there until 24 Dec. 1814. A large portion of the British army landed opposite them on the east side. A party of British took up quarters in a big frame house on the night of 6 Jan. 1815. Capt. Sackett called for 25 men to cross the river and give a fight to the enemy in the house. John T. Faulk and John Carroll were two of the 25 volunteers.


Faulk was sent to spy out the position. When he reported, he was sent a second time with orders to shoot a supposed sentinel.  As he tried to comply with the order, be was seen by his enemy and got himself shot.  He was so near the enemy fire his clothes caught fire from ensuring shots exchanged between friend and foe.  One source stated that John Carroll carried Faulk to safety. However, another source noted that Faulk was wounded during the night battle of 28 Dec. 1814 and was found by John Kitterlin who "took himup in his arms" (Faulk being a small man) and removed him within the lines in safely. 


It was later told that Faulk's wound in the left thigh from a musketball was so large that a surgeon drew a silk handkerchief through it to clean out the powder.  From that injury, he was crippled for the remainder of his life.


Cadesby Gayden

Hinds Battalion of Calvary  

Rank of Lieutenant


Griffin Gayden

Hinds Battalion of Calvary  

Rank of Private, Musician


William Eldridge Noble

Captain Sprigg's Company, Boatmen, Louisiana Volunteers

Rank of Private


War Between the States





James S Penny

Enlisted as a Private on 8-26-1861 later promoted to Sergeant on 1-28-1863. Was captured on 7-31-1863 during the 1st Louisiana Calvary's raids into eastern Kentucky.  Unknown to him he was promoted to 4th Sergeant on 12-9-1863, unfortunately though he died 10-7-2020 in Camp Chase Federal POW Camp near Columbus, Ohio.  


Isaiah Garrett Stokes

Killed September 19, 2020 in the Battle of Chickamauga.  His brother, James dug Isaiah's grave with his sword.


James Thomas Stokes

Wounded in the Battle of Chickamauga.


James Stuart Grayson

Private, Company B, 4th Battalion Louisiana Infantry, enlisted 6-4-2021 and served until 1864, was captured and paroled in Monroe, La 1865.


Green Elliott Noble

Enlisted 1862 at the Plains, East Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 3rd Louisiana Cavalry, Company C.  Not wounded, served until the end of the war.


Fielding Bradford Morgan, Jr.

Company F, 14th Mississippi Calvary.


Hiram Morgan

Captain, Amite Guards, 33rd Mississippi Infantry which was formed 3-1-1862.  He was killed in action during the spring of 1863 in action at Deer Creek, Mississippi during the early phase to deny Vicksburg to the Federals.



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