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GenEthics Application


After receiving the information from the below form the site will be reviewed. If living individuals personal information is present the webmaster will be contacted and advised to resubmit for certification in 30 days. 


Your Name:    


Your Email: 


Site Name:    


Site URL:     


Have you carefully reviewed your site to confirm you do NOT have any dates or personal information for any living individual (including marriage dates) unless you have their consent?

Yes   No 


Are you giving contributors and other source information proper credit on your website?

Yes   No



Only click the Submit button once.  If your browser doesn't support forms then please send an email with the same information.

Certification Badge & Certified Sites Listings 

Sites that qualify will be sent a uniquely numbered badge and their site information posted on the list of GenEthics approved sitesSites not displaying the Certification Badge on their home page will not be listed.  Routine audits of certified sites are conducted. 


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