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Ancestors and Relatives of Erven T. Thoma
A genealogy site focusing on my ancestors and their relatives, mostly from Germany and the St. Louis, MO area. The site includes pedigree charts, pages for almost 300 individuals and 85 surnames, pages for localities, a few immigrant ships, maps, crests, people and scenery pictures.


Auch2000's Scottish Pages
This page explores all things Scottish: parishes, genealogy, clans, Scottish legends, and more


Henry's Ghost at Sawpit Gully
Discover the genealogy and history of the Saw Family in Australia. We also have a large database of links that will help you with your Australian research.


Marcine's Schlueter Genealogy
Contains my own research along with others on the SCHLUETER/SCHLÜTER surname and origin. I also have a researcher's list, scanned documents, photos, family crests, family trees, and downloadable Gedcom. Alternate address:


Marcine's Suedekum Genealogy
Contains my own research along with others on the SUEDEKUM/SÜDECUM surname and origin. I also have a researcher's list, scanned documents, photos, family crests, family trees, and downloadable Gedcom. Alternate address:


Marcine's Thornton Genealogy
Contains my own research along with others on the Thornton surname and origin. I also have a researcher's list, photos, family crests, family trees, and downloadable gedcom.


Online Archive for Terry's Texas Rangers
Dedicated to gatheringm preserving, and sharing the history of Terry's Rangers (8th Texas Cavalry, CSA) 1861-1865. Contains a wealth of historic documents, biographies, and photos related to this remarkable Confederate Cavalry regiment.


Schliemanns Erben | Your InfoPortal
By SEDE ( keep new views of the exciting life of the discoverer detailed and excitingly from Troja - Heinrich Schliemann! Numerous information about the genealogy and name customer are to help you to arrange your own family research more professional. - - your infoPortal. (language is german)


Scottish Names Research
A site dedicated to helping people with their Scottish Family Research - Genealogy. Has got some very good links listed on this site. Well worth a visit too.


Serbia Today; Genealogy Serbia and Montenegro
Genealogy for Serbia-Montenegro and the region


Skillman Genealogy Site
Descendancy of immigrant ancestor Thomas Skillman: 1)Skillmans of America and their kin - Wm. J. Skillman 1906-08 2)Skillmans of America - 2002 - update by Wm. A. Skillman. Over 5000 descendants of Thomas, spouses, spouses parents. Downloadable versions of both books: 90 and 437 pages each. Links to Skillman genealogy sites and other interesting Skillman sites. Surnames: Skillman, Beekman, Stryker, Voorhees, Holcombe


Surname Heirlooms
We reunite heirlooms of the past to family members of today. Items listed by surname, date, location & item type


Surnames A-Z
Surnames Listings of Websites A-Z


My web page is a family tree of Taylor, Vanover and lots of other surnames.


Texas Families
Over 4,300 individuals, 1,200 family groups of Texas families. Texas counties include: Austin, Bell, Karnes, Travis, Williamson, as well as others.


The Swarthout Family Web Site
History of the Swarthout Family and the various spellings, Swartwout, Swartout and Swartwood. Famous and Historical family members, Genealogy resources, history, and of course, the gorgeous Gladys Swarthout!


They Live Again
Thanks for visiting the site and I trust you found it helpful. Please subscribe to our Mailing List and Newsletter for new features to come. Good luck and Good Genealogy to you!!


Thinking of Yesterday
Our family Genealogy.. Williams, White, Lowery, Swann, Stewart, Armstrong, key, and many more


Tracing the Family's a New Life
This family traces the DePaola, Cianciarulo families, the family tmeline and tree. The site also traces the immigrant's journey to the US.


Genealosy website containing many surnames including Riggs, Hayden, Campbell, Kite, Bunton, Bunting, Greenwell, Finney, and many more! Also contains many genealogy links and a genealogy store!


Tyneside Family History and Kane surname celtic origins
Family history in the north east of England, Irish migration to Newcastle on Tyne, census data, housing, photographs churches, schools and public buildings many surnames throughout the site.


 U - W


Ancestors & Descendants of Watson, Williams, Buckley Foster, Gunn, Kirby, Lewis
Searching for Ancestors & Descendants of Watson, Williams, Buckley Foster, Gunn, Kirby, Lewis


Ian Wilshaw
My personal web site which currently has details on nearly 2000 names with world wide connections going back to the mid 1600's. Main surnames are Wilshaw Holder Jacobs but so many more. Family history links page with connections to 1000's of sites,some global,some related just to my family, other good pages to visit for further research.Take a look !!


Marcine's Wolff Genealogy
Contains my own research along with others on the WOLFF surname and origin. I also have a researcher's list, scanned documents, photos, family crests, family trees, and downloadable Gedcom. Alternate address:


My Whitney and Trembley Gen Pages
Reserching these family names. site offers and award, list your most wanted, submit your site etc.


The Vollrath Family Webpage
Main surnames: Vollrath, Chouteau, Atkins, Tobin, Carroll and many more. Family pictures and information.


The Womack Files
a genealogical website foucusing on the Womack surname and variations tereof, with a special emphasis on the Womack's of Texas.


The Woodcock Family
The Woodcock family web site and genealogy based on the book by William Woodcock esq. The page has links to other surnames including the Gilbert Family connection site.
A Family & Local History Directory specific to the UK. Including, forums, projects, transcriptions, links and much more......


Vango International Genealogy Website
A growing genealogical information collection point and much needed world-wide meeting place for all those with an interest in the Vango family. Here, I hope, we will be able to collect and collate information about the Vango family and it's history from around the world and connect all of the international strands of the family.


Wall Family Tree Homepage
Tracing the roots of the Wahl/Wall Family tree from Germany/Virginia/Missouri. Genealogy reports, photos, surnames list and much more. Also tracing the James surname connected by marriage.


Wall/Janzen Families Germans/Mennonites in Canada
We are of German and German Mennonite Heritage. Here you will find family trees and branches, old photos and postcards and more. Surnames include: Wall, Janzen, Braun, Klassen, Unruh, Penner, Epp, Fehr, Kornelson, Schneider, Erfle, Mock, Wiebe, Butz.


War and Military Genealogy Quick Links
Military Genealogy Surnames Research QuickLinks


Wayne's genealogy Gateway
Covering Surnames Rhine Sutter Coffman Goodpaster Morgan Cantillon Carpenter Rapczynski and more


Welsh Genealogy Photography Requests
Photographs taken of any welsh house, building, church or gravestones connected to your welsh family history in South Wales. FREE 1881 UK census checks, Links pages, Welsh Post Cards. Surname list, usefull addresses.


West Virginia Crossing Jordan
A West Virginia tombstone photo site for mainly Nicholas & Fayette Counties


Wilbanks of Johnson Co. Texas
This site covers the Wilbanks family, headed by Gardner Wilbanks that moved to Texas in 1938 and finally settled in Johnson County in 1857. It provides a wealth of information and photos covering over 100 years of Wilbanks history in Johnson Co. Other families include Scurlock, Parker, Vinson, Hale.


Worcester Worster Descendants form Maine
This is a compilation of the Descendants of Rev William Worcester and their Wives. It is by no means complete, and anyone having corrections or additional data with sources, please contact Louise Worster at

 X - Z


Ziemer's Tree
Genealogy of the ZIEMER and BONOW families from Pomerania; HEINRICH, HARDT, and ROLOFF from East/West Prussia; RADOVAN and REDEK of Slovenia; OLSON and BREDBERG families from Sweden - whose sons and daughters converged on Chicago, Illinois between 1880 and 1905 -- and whose hundreds of descendants are spread about America and the world.



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